Monday, February 8, 2010

Lots of things

Hey blogworld, sorry for constantly missing posts. Besides just being a bad blogger, I've got some really good excuses, including a medical scare in the family (which thankfully turned out okay) - this past week has just been pretty crazy/distracting. Super crazy. Super distracting.

First - some good news - my work is going to be published in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual coming out this May! This came as a total surprise (A very exciting surprise). The piece that's running is the poster I designed for MICA's Halloween Party last October.

Next - I've launched my new website today - - Designed by my incredibly talented dear friend Julia Kostreva.

Then a whole lot of snow fell on my town. A whole lot of it. More is coming, apparently. Here's a little sketchbook page I drew at some point during the blizzard. MSCED#somethingorother

1 comment:

Julia Scott said...

neato! I really dig your halloween poster, big ups on the annual, dude! Your site looks fresh too. get sum!