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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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This is a poster for my friends Big Moves, a really great LA band.

The Stranger

My "Cartoons" drawing ended up on the cover of the Seattle Stranger! Thanks so much to the Stranger's AD, Aaron Huffman. It's great to be in the same issue as artists like James Chong, Ana Benaroya, Daniel Fishel, and others.

More soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey internet,
Here are some new things.

Here Comes the Indian

This image was created for the Desktop Wallpaper Project at The Fox is Black, an art/design blog run by Bobby Solomon. Bobby asked my friend Andy to round up some Baltimore artists to create wallpapers based on the discography of Animal Collective (who originally formed in Baltimore) - my album was "Here Comes the Indian", one of their harshest and weirdest.

Check out the wallpapers HERE - Some iphone versions for you:

iPhone 1

iPhone 2

Here's a painting of Annie Koyama's "Kickass Annie" logo - Koyama Press publishes a lot of really great stuff, like Michael Deforge's brilliant series "Lose" and Steve Wolfhard's "Cat Rackham Loses It". Seriously great comics.

kickass annie

And finally, a sketchbook spread drawn while listening to the new Shlohmo album "Bad Vibes" - it's real good.

bad vibes

Whew. Seeya!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Nobrow 6

Nobrow 6

I'm very excited to say that these images will be in the upcoming Nobrow anthology. Nobrow 6 focuses on "The Double"/Doppelgangers, and will be twice the size of their previous anthologies, expanded to include both comics and illustration. A lot of really great artists will be in there, and I am very happy to be participating. Thanks very, very much to Sam & Alex over at Nobrow.

Also a big thanks to Zach at Supersonic Electronic for featuring my work today!

High five, internet.

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