Friday, August 5, 2011


Nobrow 6

Nobrow 6

I'm very excited to say that these images will be in the upcoming Nobrow anthology. Nobrow 6 focuses on "The Double"/Doppelgangers, and will be twice the size of their previous anthologies, expanded to include both comics and illustration. A lot of really great artists will be in there, and I am very happy to be participating. Thanks very, very much to Sam & Alex over at Nobrow.

Also a big thanks to Zach at Supersonic Electronic for featuring my work today!

High five, internet.


Chris Fowler said...

Super Duper work, really really really into it. Everything that Nobrow puts out is great.

Emma Maatman said...

It's been said elsewhere on the internet, but you are my hero!

Kyle McCullough said...

These are awesome! Love the color and style.


Glenn said...

really good job dudette! found you through the fox is black.

Niv Bavarsky said...

Thanks everyone!

Glenn, thank you - I'm a dude, though!

Becca said...

these colors.........SO GOOD.