Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goro Wrestles A Kappa

I've been jokingly referring to this one as "Popeye vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle", which really isn't far off - Goro was one of Japan's main tough-guys, and it just so happens that eating a bowl of rice pumps him up, not unlike Popeye's spinach.

In this story, Goro meets a Kappa, a water-sprite that has all sorts of funny little attributes, especially a little convex bowl on the top of his head, filled with water - which, if spilled, causes the Kappa to lose his super-strength) and they end up in a wrestling match. Most Kappas can apparently easily best a human, but with Goro being the strongest dude in the land, they end up in a stalemate.

This is when Goro says "Hey, I'm hungry - can I go get some grub and we'll resume this when I get back?" (He said these words exactly. Exactly.) Goro finds a house, is given a bowl of rice, chomps down, buffs up, and easily bests the Kappa. Huzzah!


Sam Bosma said...

When I clicked the link to this, I was really hoping I'd find a four-armed giant and not a regular two-armed dude. I am so disappointed in you.

But that's a mighty sweet kappa. Nice piece overall.

Niv Bavarsky said...

Thanks, Sam - I guess you'll have to wait for my Mortal Kombat fan-art series coming up next year.

Erik Davis-Heim said...

Neat, I really like the way the background is made with your usual swirly bits, but they actually recede in space. Nice one.